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The EU 2030 Framework for climate and energy sets targets for cutting 40% of CO2 emissions, increasing the share of renewable energy to greater than 27% and providing at least 27% energy savings across Europe. The North West Europe (NWE) region is the most industrialised region—as well as the most prolific CO2-emitting region—in Europe. Within this region, the private housing sector alone accounts for nearly one-third of all CO2-emissions, as there is currently no great push within this industry to achieve EU targets.

So how do we make building zero energy homes feasible for everyone? Open Systems Lab are working with 8 partners from Flanders, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom on a pan-European project to explore the possibilities of innovative techniques and materials to make zero-energy, low-carbon homes simpler, lower cost, and more replicable. Open Systems Lab role is to explore the role of web-based design automation and energy calculation in achieving this.

The main goal of the Housing 4.0 Energy project, is to reduce the building costs of zero energy homes by 25% and carbon emissions by 60% in North West Europe.

The Interreg North-West Europe project has a total budget of € 4 181 209.50. 50% of the expenditure is subsidized by Europe, or 2,090,604.75 EUR. 

More information at:  nweurope.eu