Digitising planning

The planning system is famously opaque and difficult to navigate. Plans and policies are written into PDFs, which then take thousands of hours to find and understand. As a result, around half of all applications are invalid.

We are working in collaboration with Southwark Council, MHCLG and Future Cities Catapult to turn planning codes into code. It is one of the key building blocks of a future digital planning system. Plan aims to make planning policy simpler, better, more transparent and more democratic, as well as saving councils thousands of hours every year. So planners can spend more time planning.

Status Private beta 


Affordable Land

A new form of home ownership

 ‘Affordable Land’ is an innovative form of land lease that precludes speculation, and so allows public authorities to make land available as a low-cost platform for society and the economy.  In effect, it creates a new, affordable form of home ownership that allows citizens, communities and housing associations to build hundreds of thousands of high-quality, low-energy, homes

Status Alpha 

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