WikiHouse Content & Community Lead 

Full / part time, flexible hours

When Summer 2021–
Where Anywhere, but able to work within the UK.
Salary £30,000-£35,000 (depending on experience)
Applications open 18th May 2021
Applications close 5th July 2021

Applications for this role have now closed, please do not apply

Please do not contact us if you represent an agency.

To apply for this role, please send a brief CV / resumé, along with examples of other things you’ve worked on (if you’d like to) for example writing, web content or videos to

About WikiHouse 

WikiHouse is an open source, digitally-manufactured building system for homes1. The aim of the project is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to build beautiful, zero-carbon, zero-waste homes. We’re trying to transform the way society builds in the 21st century by putting the knowledge and tools to do it into the hands of every business and community, and then inviting the world to copy us. 

Because WikiHouse is an open source product, it has an open community of architects, designers, manufacturers, builders, researchers, innovators, housing organisations, community organisations and partners from across the UK and around the world who want to use it, contribute improvements, or adapt it. 

As you can imagine, supporting that community, learning from them, and publishing beautiful, useful, up-to-date web pages, videos and documentation is a big task. And it’s about to get even bigger, because we’re getting ready to launch a new WikiHouse system.

And that’s where you come in.

1 Actually, it can be used to build lots of other kinds of  building too.

In this role you will

Create and maintain content on the WikiHouse website 

You will work with the product team to create beautiful, clear, concise guides and product documentation, including illustrations (think IKEA), instructional videos, technical information, and photos from built projects using WikiHouse, as well as constantly looking for ways to improve users’ experience overrall. We currently use Cargo to build all our websites, so no coding skills are needed.
Host the community forum

We run an open Slack channel for the WikiHouse contributor community, but we haven’t been doing a very good job of supporting and updating the community. You will play the role of concierge, moderator and events organiser. But don’t worry – you won’t be on your own, part of your role will be to bring in other members of the team when and where they can be most useful.

Run our social media

We want to do a much better job of sharing WikiHouse news, product updates and projects on Twitter, Instagram (and possibly Medium etc too). You’ll act as a kind of community journalist. No froth, just curating and sharing the best, most substantial product updates and stories (hopefully including lots of killer images, gifs and videos of builds, tests, new features, resources etc). We’re not really interested in how many followers we have –– we’re interested in the quality of what we share with them.
Run events

You’ll conceive, design, organise and host WikiHouse community events. These might be online events, talks, or in-person meetups, joining builds or workshops (when they are a thing again).


While we get lots of enquiries from customers or their architects wanting to use WikiHouse on projects, we also get lots of other enquiries from potential contributors, collaborators, journalists etc. You’ll work with the team to manage and respond to these enquiries.
Documenting, recording and storytelling

You will record, document and tell the story of projects and tests. This will include taking (or gathering) photographs and video footage and possibly editing that footage to create instructional videos, as well as – from time to time – working with media (eg TV) companies. This may occasionally include site visits (mostly within UK).

Collecting and making sense of user feedback

WikiHouse learns by continuously observing and collecting feedback, in the search for ways to improve the product or process. Part of your work will be to research, gather and make sense of user feedback, and then to pass on key lessons or ideas to the product team.  
Making WikiHouse as inclusive as possible

WikiHouse has an international contributor community, from a wide variety of backgrounds and political perspectives, but it still tends to attract more male contributors than female contributors, for example. Part of your role will be to look for who is missing, and why, and to explore ways to make the WikiHouse community as inviting and inspiring as possible for everyone.

Help shape strategy

The OSL team meet quarterly to discuss and agree key strategic decisions and priorities. You will play an important role in helping to shape these decisions by developing a strong understanding of the different stakeholders in the community, their needs and the barriers they face.
Convening & connecting

Forming and maintaining good relationships with key collaborators and partners, connecting people, and creating spaces where people can coordinate or combine their efforts usefully to advance something that is of wider value to everyone. 

Requirements for the role

Good writing & content design skills

You will need to have good communication and writing skills; an ability to commnicate in plain, accessible language, to get a sense of your audience, set the right tone, and to structure information in such a way as to communicate as effectively as possible, including using visual means wherever possible.
A good eye for good graphics

You don’t need to be a graphic designer, but you will need to be able to reproduce good quality illustrations within a pre-defined visual language using tools such as Adobe Illustrator. You will also need to have a superb eye for beautiful typography, page layout and the overall feel and hierarchy of a page, or screen.

People skills

You will need to have the kind of social intelligence you might have learned from dealing with customers or clients: that is, listening and responding proactively, encouraging and inspiring, but also – when necessary –  re-steering and explaining when people have arrived with misconceptions, politely but firmly reinforcing rules and principles.

You need to be someone who genuinely enjoys making connections with others, but at the same time remain committed to reducing communication overheads wherever possible. Tricky.

A skill for making things simple

You need to be a clear thinker, who can explain complex ideas in a simple way, and frame a conversation before diving into the detail. You need to be able to cut through confusion and noise to refocus people on key questions, and what they might do next.

Basic photography, filming & editing

You don’t need to be Alfred Hitchcock, but you will need to be able to take decent quality photographs and video footage, and edit together short videos with good quality production values.

Although you will work alongside the WikiHouse team, you will need to take ownership of your area of work, observe, make judgements, and make suggestions without needing to be instructed. Not just being reactive, but spotting opportunities to improve things, pitching them, then going away and making it happen. 


You wil need to have basic awareness and good everyday judgement and responsibility around things like copyright licensing, tort liability, use of personal data and confidental information. If you’re not familiar with all these – don’t worry – we’ll help. 

You should be someone who is primarily motivated by leaving the world better than you found it: with a genuine passion for social, economic and environmental transformation, and for helping businesses and communities thrive.

At home on the web

You need to be comfortable using most web tools and platforms, and quick learner; undaunted by the prospect of teaching yourself to do something new if that’s what’s needed.

Nice to haves

  • Experience of working in content design, user-centered design, communication or customer relations.

  • Experience and understanding of open source projects, and the principles and challenges of being an open source maintainer. 

  • An enthusiasm for beautiful buildings and places, and for supporting resilient, sustainable communities.

  • Experience of working with Adobe Illustrator, Sketchup / Rhino or Cargo.

  • If you happen to also speak Welsh...

What’s not required

  • A specific formal qualification

  • Coding skills

What’s in it for you

  • Work with an incredibly friendly, motivated and talented team of people in a sometimes demanding, but always kind, inclusive environment. 

  • Ridiculously flexible working.  Work where you want and when you want (most of the time at least).

  • Work on innovative stuff that matters, with potential to have serious impact on reducing carbon emissions and creating civic infrastructure that benefits everyone.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

–– Margaret Mead

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