Hello again world.
We’ve changed our name.

In 2014 we created WikiHouse Foundation as a company with a public purpose: to drive and support open innovation in the built environment. At that time, supporting the WikiHouse project was our main focus – although it was only ever one part of our wider mission.

The WikiHouse project is continuing to grow and develop in exciting ways, but as we have been progressing we have also begun working on other platforms that extend all the way down the stack. WikiHouse is now only one of the projects we’re developing.

So we decided it was time we had a name that more closely reflects this wider mission. So here it is. The Open Systems Lab is conceived as a kind of R&D lab, but not attached to a single company: we work for everyone.  

We’re working on some truly exciting stuff, with some incredible people. But we’ve barely begun to scratch the surface. If you’d like to talk about how we can work together to help your organisation succeed in the digital age, and to lead the way towards a more sustainable, democratic industrial economy and built environment, please get in touch.  Let’s work on it together.

Alastair Parvin, Co-founder